Wednesday, November 07, 2012

A comprehensive book on the physical metallurgy of zinc?

I've been looking around for a good, comprehensive resource on the physical metallurgy of zinc, but haven't found anything quite yet. I'm looking for something akin to E. F. Emley's classic book on magnesium, which includes topics such as alloying, impurity effects, casting, metallography, and so on. The ASM handbook material on zinc seems somewhat limited, so a more specialized reference could be useful.

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Update: One ResearchGate user recommended “The metallurgy of zinc-coated steel” by Marder (Progress in Materials Science 45 pp. 191-271 (2000)).

Update 2: Apparently the question is gone from ResearchGate.  Why on Earth would “they” (moderator? administrator?) remove it?  Doesn’t seem to make sense to me…

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